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Midterm-Leadership_6 - 27 In “Tackling a Leadership...

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Unformatted text preview: 27. In “Tackling a Leadership Crisis,” Warren Bennie describes different leadership concepts that he disagrees with. With which of the following statements would he most likely AGREE? A. Leadership is a rare, and thus invaluable, skill. B. Leaders are born not made. C. A leader controls, directs and prods others. D. Leaders are charismatic. E. Leadership exists at all levels of an organization. 28. in “Executive Coaching that Wins,” Eggers and Clark identify four key limitations to traditional leadership training approaches. Which of the following is not one of those reasons? A. Low transfer of training B. Lack of relevancy for the client C. Lack of clear plan created by the coach D. Barriers to change in the workplace E. Individual differences in learning readiness and style 29. In “Tackling a Leadership Crisis,” Warren Bennis describes the difference between managers and leaders. Which of the following is a correct pairing? A. A manager opts for “push” rather than “pull.” B. A leader asks “how?” A manager asks “what?” and “why?” C. A leader is concerned with efficiency. A manager is concerned with effectiveness. D. A leader is concerned with systems, controls, and structure. E. A manager looks at the horizon. A leader looks at the bottom line. 30. According to Chemers‘ explanation of the effect that the historian Burns had upon leadership awareness in the mid 1930’s, a leader who influences followers to transcend personal interests to work for a collective good best describes what kind of leader? A. Transactional B. Transcendental C. Feminine D. Socialist E. Transformational “Make sure to answer all four short answers on the answer sheet!“ ...
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