Chinese and Japanese Art

Chinese and Japanese Art - design covered the whole vessel...

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Chinese and Japanese Art 24/10/2007 11:04:00 Oracle bone, inscribed turtle plastron     Tell us about religion and culture. Front is cracked. “What’s gonna happen? Let’s  look at the crack.” To the royalty. Addressed to the old ancestors, rather than a  monotheistic god. Tell us the names of the royalty, military conquests, etc. Were found  around the tombs. As a kind of record of the civilization.  Shang vessels     DOMINANT ROLE IN THE CULTURE AND RELIGIOUS practice. Made just for  the ancestors, who’d consume the vapors. Piece-mold casting. 1) Realistic (based on a real animal) 2)tao tie pattern (glutton mask). Tends to take the form of two eyes. Showing that  they drink a lot. It’s symmetrical 3)Third type, more abstract type f imagery. Leiwen- thunder pattern. Swirly 
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Unformatted text preview: design covered the whole vessel. Ambiguity in meaning. ← ← Consistent stylistic element of Shang bronzes ← 1)combination of many animals in one form ← 2)metamorphosis of one animal into anther ← 3( desire to cover entire vessel with a complex design ← 4)tendency toward sculptural forms ← 5) symmetry ← ← Standing figure, Snaxingdui c.1200-1000 BCE ← ← Size, large hands impressive. Was probably holding a tusk. (large head hands suggest religion like all the others.) sharply defined chin echoed by the horizontal line of the clothing. Very elaborate outfit. decoration is dragons and other abstract design. Someone who has a status in society. ← ← No human in shang, but emphasis on human figure in sanxingdui. 24/10/2007 11:04:00 ← 24/10/2007 11:04:00 ←...
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Chinese and Japanese Art - design covered the whole vessel...

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