Matthew and Job

Matthew and Job - The books of Job and Matthew are central...

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The books of Job and Matthew are central in determining what God is really like and how we should strive to be in order to make him the happiest, or most pleased. Questions on how to read these books, whether or not God is a “Nazi”, and what he really wants us to be like are all relevant, and can differ drastically. I think however, that these texts must be read into, not just assumed that what is written is that which is also true and nothing else. Almost all significant texts in history have not only meant what they have had down in words, there are underlying themes and ideas that the intelligent reader must look for. On top of that, in a text such as the Bible where there has been so many years of translations, some perhaps skewed on purpose by peoples’ interpretations, it all must be taken with a grain of salt. Even in the first book of the Bible this is apparent, because in Genesis there are two creation stories, one of how woman was made from the rib of a man, and one where they were created simultaneously. In the Bible, aside from the simple stories, and sometimes even then, very little should be taken for just what it says. A God that created us in his own image, would not treat us like simpletons, clearly spelling out what we are to do and not do, he would challenge us and see if we truly are worthy of being saved. A person who merely follows rules, such as the Beatitudes, cannot be considered moral and good, anyone can follow rules. There are rules for prostitutes and rules of the criminal underworld, but that doesn’t mean those people are good for following them, but at the same time it does not mean they are bad. A truly good and moral person should read these books and should realize that something does not seem right, and this person would look deeper to discover what it is God is truly looking for in a person.
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The book of Job falls right in with the idea of having to look past what is written to get the true meaning out of the text. When read simply, God comes off as an angry
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Matthew and Job - The books of Job and Matthew are central...

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