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1st midterm review


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MID-TERM REVIEW SHEET MUSIC OF AFRICA, 13 AF, Spring 08 TA: Fabio Oliveira GENERAL CONCEPTS/IDEAS/TOPICS: - Life cycle - Community life and Music - No audience X performer barrier - Circle dances (counter-clockwise) - Right hand, respectful hand to give something (hence, counter- clockwise dancing) - Concert for Entertainment and Education - Till Day Break (TDB) (or from 6 to 6) LIST OF MUSICAL TERMS - Beat (duple, triple) - Syncopation - Polyrhythm - Polyphony - Spontaneous Music - Jali (kora player) - Tuning (Kora as example with its four tunings: silaba, tomora, sauta, hardino) (other example are the Mbira tunings enjoyed by different families or groups...) (Tempered X non-tempered tuning - not covered in lecture, though) - Soukous (Zaire): guitar/band/electric sound INSTRUMENTS - Ideophones xylophone, marimba, mbira, shakers, bells, calabash, ankle buzzer, all types of buzzers used in drums and mbira, for instance... - Cordophones one-string fiddle, Kora, harp, arch harp, musical bow, mouth bow - Aerophones flutes, double reeds, horns (small, very large) - Membranophones all types of drums, friction drum, SURVEY North/East Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Eritrea, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, etc…) - Influence from Middle East and Asia / Hebrew, some Arabic Southern Africa - Influence from Europe The bush people of the Kalahari Desert
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Pigmies - Hunters, gatherers - Singing, 5-voice religious polyphonic singing in forest, voice imitation of animals during hunting, blowing into gourd, friction drum Zimbabwe (two main ethnic groups: Shona & Ndebele) Bira Festival, Rural Mbira Music, Kushaura/Kutsinhira/Hosho, Mbira Dze Vadzimu BOOK, CHAPTER 1: The musical traditions of Africa Delimitation of subject matter of Book (and class) to West AFRICA The two traditions to not be treated in detail, are then discussed in Chapter 1 (as a disclaimer): Islamic Legacy : - Continuity of tradition
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