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9/7/07 How To Become A Leader: -Recognize undue influences on critical thinking and behavior: *Authority and Status *Anonymity *Dehumanization *Reciprocity *Group Pressure *Stereotyped Roles *False Ideologies *Sleep Deprivation -In the influence situation: *Always question the premises, methods, and ends *Avoid spontaneous decisions *Separate any message from the communicator’s status and needs *When talking to an authority, know when and how to disagree -Care about people by responding to their need to feel valued at home and work
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Unformatted text preview: *Reward good behavior *Recognize accomplishments *Attack poor behavior, not the person-How to start being more successful *Call people by their name *Smile *Show genuine interest by being a good listener *Avoid being confrontational *Be appreciative, say thanks, write notes-Recognize undue influences on critical thinking-Assume Responsibility-Be creative-Overcome shyness...
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