terms - at an early stage of embryonic development...

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Terminology Polyspermy - an egg that has been fertilized by more than one sperm Definitive oocyte - completed both meiotic divisions. They are both haploid and 1n and when they combine during the process of fertilization, the resulting zygote is diploid and 2n. Male & female pronuclei - The nucleus of a sperm or an egg cell during the process of fertilization , after the sperm enters the ovum, but before they fuse. Zygote - a cell that is the result of fertilization . That is, two haploid cells—usually an ovum from a female and a sperm cell from a male —merge into a single diploid cell Cleavage - the division of cells in the early embryo . Blastomeres - type of cell produced by division of the egg after fertilization . Formation begins immediately following fertilization and continues through the first week of embryonic development . Morula - an embryo
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Unformatted text preview: at an early stage of embryonic development , consisting of approximately 12-32 cells (called blastomeres ) in a solid ball contained within the zona pellucida . Embryoblast/ Inner cell mass - inner cell mass (abbreviated ICM and also known as the embryoblast or pluriblast (the latter term being applicable to all mammals)) is the mass of cells inside the primordial embryo that will eventually give rise to the definitive structures of the fetus. Trophoblast - are cells forming the outer layer of a blastocyst , which provide nutrients to the embryo and develop into a large part of the placenta . Outer cell mass - Blastocyst & cavity Syncytial cavity Human chorionic gonadotropin - peptide hormone produced in pregnancy that is made by the embryo soon after conception and later by the syncytiotrophoblast (part of the placenta )...
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terms - at an early stage of embryonic development...

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