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kant wal-mart - Philosophy 4- Intro to Ethics Wal-Mart and...

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Philosophy 4- Intro to Ethics Wal-Mart and Kantian Ethics Immanuel Kant held high standards when it came to judging morality. He was a strong believer in the notion that the human capacity to follow the dictates of moral principle is what set us apart from the “natural world”. In this exalted realm of human morality that Kant creates, inclinations and feelings are excluded, leaving morality to be deciphered through pure reason and good will. Through reason, Kant is able to explain one of the central point of Kantian ethics known as the categorical imperative: always act in a way in which you can will the basis of your actions to be a universal law (or simply: don’t do something to someone else that you wouldn’t want done to yourself). Kant supports this rule by reasoning that simple consistency requires you to deal with like situations in an identical matter, despite who the beneficiary is- for someone to deal with identical situations differently would be like arguing that ten multiplied by two equals twenty, yet arguing in a separate occasion that ten multiplied by two equals seven- such a system is fundamentally flawed. According to Kant, another way to follow the categorical imperative is to “treat all persons as ends in themselves, and never merely as means to our ends”, meaning that everyone with the capacity of knowing moral truths deserves to be respected as a rational being in this “kingdom of ends” as Kant describes, and never as just a means for someone else to gain self-advancement. In less than twenty years, Wal-Mart has become the largest force in retail around the world. “As a store, Wal-Mart isn’t just the largest; it no longer has any near rivals. Wal-Mart is as big as Home Depot, roger, Target, Costco, Sears, and Kmart combined” (Fishman, p. 7). In addition, it is the world’s largest private employer with 1.6 million
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employees. But how did this company achieve so much success in so little time?
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kant wal-mart - Philosophy 4- Intro to Ethics Wal-Mart and...

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