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san francisco marijuana

san francisco marijuana - Soc 1 Introduction to Sociology...

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Soc 1: Introduction to Sociology 2/2/07 Marijuana in “The City” San Francisco is a lively melting pot of a city with a rich diversity in different cultures and lifestyles- a city where there is something interesting and different in each part of town. It is arguably one of the most liberal cities in the United States- in fact, people toy with the idea that there is an imaginary bubble around the city that separates it from the rest of the country. However, it is also a city that is rich in homelessness and drug use. There have been comparative studies that suggest that San Francisco consumes more drugs in general per year than the city of Amsterdam, a place known world-wide for its drug consumption. One drug in particular, however, runs rampant in all parts of the city and makes its way into the hands of all different types of people, and different generations. Marijuana was something I saw and felt all around me the second I started my high school education in San Francisco. Not only did the majority of the people I know consume marijuana or come to consume it at one point in their high school career, but a lot of these people’s parents consumed it as well. Having lived in San Francisco and witnessed the prevalence of marijuana throughout the city, I have chosen to conduct a study on its use in San Francisco. I want to find out what fuels its general popularity. Specifically, I want to find characteristics specific to the San Francisco area that can consolidate into a potential answer as to why marijuana is so popular in the city. Are there any historical factors that have made San Francisco or the Bay Area in general a weed haven? What current issues, events, or social states of nature, if any, drive San Franciscans to be a major marijuana consuming force?
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While having first intended to complete a content analyses on media pertaining to my topic, I was able to find two different occasions where I was able to return home to San Francisco for a weekend at a time to take on an ethnographic approach towards my research. In interviewing different marijuana users in the city, I was able to assess my findings on different people’s conditions of smoking and smoking habits and consolidate them as bet I could towards a possible answer for my research. To gain further knowledge in the subject matter than what I had already known from experience, I researched different scholarly articles on marijuana use in San Francisco. While little of my research could have been used to formulate a hypothesis for my topic on its own, I was able to find articles that gave me an idea of the level of drug use in San Francisco, a possible factor in the decision-making of youths to start smoking marijuana, and a historical viewpoint that brings to mind a plausible reason for the perpetuation of major cannabis consumption in San Francisco.
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san francisco marijuana - Soc 1 Introduction to Sociology...

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