Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Lecture 8 1. Structural theories: a. Theories...

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Lecture 8 1. Structural theories: a. Theories that discount domestic policies. b. Comparative politics ( within countries) and International politics i. Neither thought to be relevant to other ii. American politics thouught to be also separate c. PolSci Disciplines, imposed divisions, traditional. All pretty superimposed and many  subfields have collapsed. i. Political theory ii. American Politics iii. Comparative Politics iv. International Politics. d. Outline: Strart with structural, then go to domestic and beauracratic, then go to synthesis  of both 2. Structural Approach: a. International politics, WWI prompted that war is so horrid that we need to think a little  more systematicly in the causation of war. Began a trend to try to rid the world of war. Both  groups are written in legal tradidtion, debating society types of approach. No systematic way of  proof. i. First group: Lawmakers that declare war illegal. Wilson policy, League of nations.  Not realistic model due to interest conflicts. Rise of Germanic powers, If we can only all  understand what war means, we would not want it. Blah blah. ii.
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Lecture 8 - Lecture 8 1. Structural theories: a. Theories...

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