Lecture 12

Lecture 12 - b Bob Woodward Bush politics i Rumsfeld...

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Lecture 12 1. Chapter 5 2. Specific foreign policy different variable, Not interested in big picture, more interested in posiotion 3. Not mathmatical, looking at archives a. The Essence of Position. Graham Ellison. i. Cuban Missile Crisis 1. Attack 2. Cooperate 3. Starve in Embargo ii. Tried to explain how the decision was made. iii. How and why in detail why the decision was made, iv. To do research on this type of decisions, Discussion that happened within the  government v. Underlying principles: the decision made in the collision between the different  groups within the government. All looking out for the interest of their own departments. vi. Insisting on a procedure that the department is used to. (increase own prestige) vii. President eventually pick the winner of the conflict
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Unformatted text preview: b. Bob Woodward, Bush politics i. Rumsfeld defense ii. Small military front initially 4. Delegation of Responsibilities. a. Government, a series of delegation of responsibility, delegation relationships. b. Assumes self interest. c. Assymetry of information, as soon as you delegate to someone else, they know something you don't, they can use to get what they want instead of what you want d. The Principal and Agent Problem ( Moral Hazard Problem) i. Principal: Delegating ii. Agent: Person to whom the work is delegated. e. If delegation is neccesary: i. Who Should you delegate to? ii. Advisor: 1. Common idea that should appoint middle of the road. Not true. Personal interest still in play....
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Lecture 12 - b Bob Woodward Bush politics i Rumsfeld...

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