PSYCH 175 Midterm1- 2008

PSYCH 175 Midterm1- 2008 - campuses(6 points 3 Rappaport...

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PSYCH 175 – COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY February 8, 2008 MIDTERM EXAM 1 PROF. H. MYERS WINTER QUARTER This is the first midterm and it is worth 30 points . The exam consists of 5 questions and is designed to be finished in 50 minutes. Please read each question carefully and answer each as thoroughly as possible. You should have time to answer all questions (8-10 minutes per question). PLEASE ANSWER ALL 5 QUESTIONS. 1. Seidman argues that our failure to solve social problems rests in part on several assumptions that are made in defining and addressing these problems. (1) Define three of these assumptions, and (2) describe how each is evident in how we think about and treat the problem of teen violence? (6 points) 2. Kelly has been a major proponent of the ecological analogy in community psychology and delineated several of its principles. Define the ecological perspective and use two of his principles to discuss the problem of the availability of illicit drugs on school
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Unformatted text preview: campuses. (6 points) 3. Rappaport argues that there are several advantages to using a “comprehensive “approach” to addressing social problems. (1) Briefly define what is meant by a comprehensive approach, (2) what are its advantages and disadvantages, and (3) discuss how such an approach might be used in dealing with the problem of alcohol abuse. (8 points) 4. The emergence of Community Psychology as a discipline has been referred to as a paradigm shift from traditional psychology. (1) How is community psychology defined? And, (2) in what way does it represent a paradigm shift? (4 points) 5. Community Psychology argues that social problems must be periodically redefined. Please discuss briefly why this should be done, what are the consequences of not doing this, and what are the potential benefits? (6 points) GOOD LUCK!...
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