Lecture 26

Lecture 26 - firsts place. So the fact that there is few...

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Lecture 26 1. Rational deterrence theory a. Mutually Assured Destruction b. Certainty of destruction of self with the other c. CMC, again d. Division of academics over when it occurrs and when it does not e. George says to look at cases of failure and look for a common trade. f. Idea of looking at it throught the logic of each players g. Second strike capability, anticipate the attack, neither will have a incentive to strike first. h. Achen and Snidal i. Ran through deductive j. Entire argument based upon the potential payoffs which may be changed to match  reasoning and events. 2. Compliance/ Downs  a. Idea that a strict punishment is not a necessary factor but rather, better information b. Managerial rather than force assumption c. Say that this is based on logical fallacy d. Selection problem e. What if country are only signing agreements that they would have wanted to do in the 
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Unformatted text preview: firsts place. So the fact that there is few violations is not a reflection of compliance but rather, only a reflection that the agreements are lame f. If agreements are more stringent, then punishment will become more necessary. 3. Currency Crisis a. Speculative attack, sell currency short in anticipation of devaluation. b. At the point where the currency is forced to devalue. c. What are the circumstances under which this occur. Leblang puts in political factors and find that the government and election does indeed have an effect d. Test systmatically e. The causal story is rather weak. International Politics Branches o Security • Fearon • Maoz&Russet o International Political Economy • Finance • Trade • Development o International Organization • Gilligan • Rosenbaugh • Downs,...
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Lecture 26 - firsts place. So the fact that there is few...

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