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Lecture 13 School of Athenes a. Raphael includes himselve in a way to assert himself in Renaissance society b. Could not have inserted himself onto the painting if the pope found it objectionable 2. Convex  material, self portraitin the convex mirror. a. Parmagiannino, 1524 b. Wood paneling, vienna,  c. Shows the truthful distortion  3. Sistine Alterpiece, Last judgement a. Frenzie 4. Vasarie's life of the artist a. Sets up the contemporary artistic stature 5. Cellubini by ingle,
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Self portrait by durer a. Madrid 7. Las Melinas, the a. Prado, Madrid b. Velasquez c. 125 108 inches d. 1656, artist by the easel, court painter to Philip IV e. Infanta marguerita in center in white 8. Self portrail with buret 9. Emergence of the modern sensibility of self 10. Chagall a. Self portrail, green face, cines, sheep. 1911, 6ft tall oil on canvas Renaissance artist emphasize the status above common craftsman...
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