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Dohar 2/13/2008 Christian love is powerful and can be shared in numerous types of relationships. A song that evokes this amazing feeling is “Hanging by a Moment” by Lifehouse. The song’s artist begins by revealing to us that he is going through a tough time and is beginning to doubt life, as he knows it. He then meets this person that could be interpreted as his girlfriend, a friend, or God, who changes all of this. The artist puts all of his trust into this person, he “lets go of all he’s held unto to” and “stands until they make him move.” Defeated and distraught, the author’s esteem is lifted by the loved one. He is “hanging by a moment,” one single moment that he and his loved one have shared. Although “Christian love” encompasses many ideas, the love the artist feels in this song includes the concepts of love not boasting, not being proud, trusting, protecting,
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Unformatted text preview: and persevering. The loved one has a special hold, so to speak, on the artist. While chasing the loved one, the artist is closer to where he started. Nowhere in the song is he denied or is the loved one ever demanding anything of him. The loved one is able to be in the artist’s life, and be uplifting even though he is “lacking,” “completely incomplete,” and “desperate for changing.” This love is indeed the truth; the artist admits he is “living for the only thing he knows . ” The love is also persevering, even through the hard times the artist is going through the love is still stronger than ever. The love written about in this song is strong, true, and unconditional. I personally think this is about his relationship with God and how honest this love really is....
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