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Dohar March 10, 2008 Paper Topic 6 Extremism Although the letter written by Martin Luther King at Birmingham Jail is very gripping as a whole, one point is made that not only compels but also appeals to all. The knowledge and wisdom conveyed in this section helps persuade readers to agree that what he is doing is no different then what many well-respected and significant figures in history have done. When called an extremist, King addresses these slanders by comparing the actions of peacemakers like Jesus Christ, Paul the Apostle, Martin Luther, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Amos, etc, to those of his own. This part of his letter is really convincing because these people that he lists off are all looked at as amazing people. King simply states that they were all extremists just as the men who crucified the three on Calvary’s Hill were. This argument provokes a lot of thought, especially when he
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Unformatted text preview: questions whether we will be extremists for love or hate, because this appeals to everyone. Many people that read this can find it relevant to their life and may begin to re-evaluate how they handle certain situations. This section is also very impressive because it says a lot about Martin Luther King. When looking at this, the reader wants to listen to King because he becomes a relatable and credible source through his quotes. His writing is incredibly eloquent and accurate, which is surprising because he had no resources with him during this time. This specific part of his letter truly shows that he has a deep understanding of civil disobedience. In knowing that, it makes one realize that his actions are not irrational but thoroughly planned out. In the end, King is basically saying that he is only fighting for good, and that cannot be a crime....
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DoharPaper6 - questions whether we will be extremists for...

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