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Social Justice 4.25

Social Justice 4.25 - existed Catholic social teaching...

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Ferdun 1 (a) Exercise is due on this date. Question: What contribution does the Catholic Social Teaching on social justice bring to the modern theories of justice? Your answer should be between 1-2 pages, double space. Modernity and the Catholic Social Teaching Catholic social teaching brings to view many different ways to look and analyze social justice . In class, we discussed Catholic social teaching as being the expressed ideals, dialogue, evolving experience, and pragmatism of the Catholic Church . But how does this effect the church’s teaching on social justice? The answer to that is easy, social justice is the concept of how justice is incorporated into a society of persons . Catholic social teaching expressed the views of the church in regards to social justice . Due to the changes that accompany modern times the church needs to take stances on certain social matters . In class we talked about how the Catholic Church had to take a stance on the subject of nuclear weapons during World War II because they had previously never
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Unformatted text preview: existed . Catholic social teaching tells the world of believers about how they can be an infringement on social justice . This example alone is a good way of understanding how Catholic Social Teaching can relate to social justice in the modern era . Modern times are constantly challenging the Catholic Church and it is constantly in need to evolve . For example, birth control was always seen as being wrong . Now due to the effects of AIDS in regions of the world such as Africa the church in needing to take a stance on the issue in order to do their part to stop the spread of the horrible disease . There are many different examples where the Catholic church was either too slow to act (as was the case in Africa), or they Ferdun 2 had to come up with an entire new way of thinking (as in the nuclear weapons age) . One thing is for sure, the Catholic Church will keep using Catholic Social Teaching in reference to social justice in order to keep up with modern times ....
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Social Justice 4.25 - existed Catholic social teaching...

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