Psychologyfinal2 - PsychologyFreud's Psychosexual Theory...

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Psychology- 06/12/2007 08:35:00 Freud’s Psychosexual Theory: Fixation at Oral Stage: (Birth to 1.5 years) -fixations when over- or undergratified -fixations: smoking, eating, kissing, oral hygiene, drinking, chewing gum -sublimations: seeking knowledge, humor, wit, sarcasm , being a good or wine expert -reaction formations: speech purist, food faddist, prohibitionist, dislike of milk Fixation at anal stage: (3 to 5 years) -fixations: interest in bowel movements, love of bathroom humor, extreme messiness -sublimations: interest in painting or sculpture, being overly giving, great interest in statistics -reaction formation: extreme disgust with feces, fear of dirt, prudishness, irritability Fixation at Phallic Stage: (6 to puberty) -Fixations: heavy reliance on masturbation, flirtatiousness, expressions of virility -sublimations: interest in poetry, love of love, interest in acting, striving for success -reaction formation: puritanical attitude toward sex, excessive modesty
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Psychologyfinal2 - PsychologyFreud's Psychosexual Theory...

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