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Catholic Social Thought

Catholic Social Thought - Santa Clara University Department...

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Santa Clara University Department of Religious Studies TESP 43: Catholic Social Thought Spring 2008 Instructor: Aquiline Tarimo, S.J. E-mail: [email protected] Venue: Bannan Hall 236 Class Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:45 - 12:50 PM Office Hours: 3:00 – 5:00 PM Objective: The course focuses on the evolution of the Catholic social thought, methodologies being applied to address social questions in the modern world, formation of the public conscience, Christian responsibility toward the challenge of building an inclusive concept of the common good and Christian engagement in the process of social transformation. Content: Topics to be explored include: (1) foundations of public values: human dignity, freedom of conscience, common good, and human rights; (2) social dimension of sin and grace; (3) evolution of Catholic social teaching; (4) foundation of Catholic social teaching; (5) social analysis and methodology in Catholic social teaching; (6) Catholic social teaching on human rights; (7) Catholic social teaching on social justice; (8) economic justice for all; (9) preferential option for the poor; (10) Christian pacifism and just war tradition; (11) Christian citizenship and public conscience; (12) Christian conscience and political responsibility; and (13) the future of the Catholic social thought. One topic will be covered in several class sessions. Method: Intensive reading of the required text, writing of short exercise in advance articulating the author’s position, occasional lectures by the professor, and critical discussion of the readings in class. On certain topics some writing will be required and students will assume different roles in the facilitation of the discussion. Class attendance is obligatory.
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