SOCIALSIN - rights and lived in poverty This led to more...

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Tarimo April 4, 2008 Sin is often looked at as one of the primary themes of Catholicism. Sins often connect, and lead to many more sins. Pope John Paul II contends that it truly is not viable to understand today’s very distraught world without understanding of social sin. The notion of social sin deals very much so with that of personal sin. Social sin is basically a product of personal sin in that once personal sin occurs social sin follows. Social sin affects a society as a whole and the groups within it. Frequently overlooked, social sin can be very detrimental and holds the same weight as personal sin. Social sin, as described by the bishops is “the structured exclusion of persons from political, economic, and cultural participation.” An example of this would be Racism, and specifically the segregation of blacks in America. In looking at history, African Americans were horribly treated because of a select group’s personal sin. In effect, African Americans had no
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Unformatted text preview: rights and lived in poverty. This led to more sin because according to the Reconciliatio et Paenitentia document, it is also a sin for those in control of the situation to completely avoid it. Throughout this time, there was much violence towards the Blacks by groups like the Ku Klux Klan. This of course was a sin, but all of the people who stood by and let it happen are also considered sinners due to their moral responsibility to stop it. Still prevalent, social sin is all around. It is seen in the government, terrorist attacks, and even big businesses. After understanding the underlying personal sin that caused the social sin, one can comprehend the many problems in our world today, thus leading to possible solutions. Heightening the sin’s severity is the fact that social sin is basically inevitable because personal sin is inescapable. It is critical to grasp these concepts because in doing so one is a step closer to assisting in the prevention of social sin....
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SOCIALSIN - rights and lived in poverty This led to more...

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