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The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison 20 th and 21 st century. Character list - Pecola Breedlove - 11 yr. old African American girl that thinks she is ugly and believes that having blue eyes would make her beautiful. She is abused by her mother, father and classmates. She escapes from this abuse with her creative imagination. At the beginning of the novel, two desires form the basis of her  emotional life: first, she wants to learn how to get people to love her; second, when  forced to witness her parents’ brutal fights, she simply wants to disappear. - Claudia MacTeer - narrates part of the novel .She is nine yrs. old and wants to fight against the tyranny of the adults and the black communities idealization of “white beauty”. She does not hate herself like her peers. - Cholly Breedlove - Pecola’s father. He was abandoned in a junk heap as a baby and  having suffered humiliation at the hands of white men. He rapes his daughter pecola.  He is capable of violence, but he is also vulnerable, as when two white men violate  him by forcing him to perform sexually for their amusement and when he defecates in  his pants after encountering his father. - Pauline (polly) Breedlove - pecola’s mother who thinks she is ugly. She is lonely and old and has a deformed foot. She thinks that she is a martr to a terrible marriage and she draws happiness from romantic movies an from working for a well-to-do whit family. - Plot Summary - The novel opens with a series of sentences that are repeated. They seem to come froma children’s story. The sentences describe a house and the family that lives in the house—Mother, Father, Dick, and Jane. The brief narrative focuses on Jane. The pet cat will not play with Jane, and when Jane asks her mother to play, she laughs. When Jane asks her father to play, he smiles, and the dog runs away instead of playing with Jane. Then a friend comes to play with Jane. This sequence is repeated verbatim without punctuation, and then is repeated a third time without spaces between the words or punctuation.(weird story) - Then the novel skips to an unnamed girl narrator exaplins that in the fall of 1941, when she was 9 that there were no marigolds. The narrator and her sisters believe that his is because an older girl named Pecola was having her father’s baby. She then says that their( pecola and her father’s) seeds did not sprout and that the entire communities seeds did not sprout. Yet, they believed that id they planted the seeds and said the right words over them they would magically grow and Pecola’s baby would be delivered. The seeds do not sprout and the sister’s blame eachother saying that the seeds were planted too deeply. They believed that the seeds had been planted too deeply until they realized that it was the earth that was barren that their hope of the magical words was more productive that Pecola’s father’s despair. The narrator then declares that the following is dead:
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The_Bluest_Eye - The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison 20th and 21st...

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