Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Measurements of Variation or Dispersion...

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Lecture 2 Scientific Methods in Psychology Be sure to study and know all about: Theory Hypothesis Dependent and Independent Variables The Scientific Method Six basic elements Observing Defining a problem Proposing a hypothesis (an educated guess that can be tested, a claim) Gathering evidence/testing the hypothesis Publishing results Building a theory A good theory must be falsifiable; i.e. defined so that it can be disconfirmed A hypothesis is a testable prediction of what will occur under a stated set of conditions The importance of replication Replicable results are those that anyone can obtain, at least approximately, by following the same procedures Descriptive statistics are mathematical summaries of results. There are 2 broad categories: Measurements of the Central Score
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Unformatted text preview: Measurements of Variation or Dispersion Measurements of the Central Score= The Mean • The mean is the sum of all the scores divided by the total number of scores • The median is the middle score when we arrange all the scores in order from lowest to highest Measurements of the Central Score: The mode • The mode is the number that repeats most frequently Measurements of Variation: • The standard deviation (SD) is a measurement of the amount of variation among scores in a normal distribution • The more closely the scores are clustered around the mean, the smaller the standard deviation is • SDs are used to make meaningful comparisons on different tests or on different versions of the same kind of test Descriptive Statistics Sign up on Experometrix...
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Lecture 2 - Measurements of Variation or Dispersion...

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