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Overview – Economics of Entrepreneurship Goal of the Course Apply techniques that you have learned in Economics classes so far to the study of starting and running a new business or expanding an existing business. Course will combine elements of: 1) Econ classes – Micro/Game Theory/Industrial Org. 2) MBA classes – Strategy/Marketing/Ent. Finance Course Outline Lectures TR 11:00-12:15 Prompt start Style / Lecture notes on web Course Overview - II • My Office Hours – Wednesday 10-12 AM • Prerequisites – BizEcon major – Calculus Course Requirements - I Course readings – Course Reader Materials Homework Sets (2) Try alone, see where problems arise Discuss/Clarify with colleagues Write up your own solutions No late homeworks accepted!! Advice: Don’t wait until last minute!! “Pre” Business Plan Will discuss further later in quarter Due at end of quarter
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