CSF Flow - exit back into the bloodstream by being released...

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CSF Flow: Fluid for the CSF is derived from the bloodstream. The site of CSF formation are the ______, special tiny capillaries located in the walls of the _________, __________ and __________. Cells that line the ventricles have cilia that move the CSF and are called _________ cells. CSF flows from the two lateral ventricles through the interventricular foramen to the _____________. From here, the CSF flows through the _____________ into the fourth ventricle. The CSF leaves the fourth ventricle through three openings so that the CSF is now located in the ____________ space around the brain, and circulates all around the cerebrum and cerebellum. CSF continues to flow around the spinal cord by flowing through the tiny central canal as well as a round the exterior of the cord in the __________ space. Because CSF is continually made at a rate of ~20mL/hour it has to
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Unformatted text preview: exit back into the bloodstream by being released through the ____________that protrude into the dural venous sinuses. The venous sinus that overlies the brain superiorly is called the ______________ sinus. Do you know these? Which cranial nerve is the only one that exits the "posterior or dorsal side of the brainstem? How many cranial nerves are responsible for eye movements? What does "abducens" refer to? Which cranial nerves carry gustatory (taste) information? What cranial nerve slows heart rate? Which cranial nerve is responsible for pupillary constriction? Which cranial nerve brings sensory information from the forehead? Which cranial nerve moves the tongue? Which cranial nerve passes through the cribriform plate? Which cranial nerve helps maintain balance?...
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CSF Flow - exit back into the bloodstream by being released...

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