bsa563 email at work paper

bsa563 email at work paper - The article "E-Monitoring in...

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The article “E-Monitoring in the Workplace: Privacy, Legislation, and Surveillance Software” discusses how employer-employee relationships become strained when companies protect themselves from internet security breaches by monitoring employee email. The Federal Wiretapping Act made it unlawful to intercept oral and electronic communications, and both civil and criminal liability damages can be imposed against the violator (Twomey,2007). A survey conducted by the American Management Association stated that three-quarters of U.S. firms are recording and reviewing email messages and other internet activity of their employees (Nord, McCubbins, Nord, 2006). How many employees take time out of their workday to surf the web or send personal emails? According to the survey, more than 55 million working adults reported accessing the internet for personal reasons from the workplace (Nord, McCubbins, Nord, 2006). Accordingly, more employers are monitoring these types of non-productive activities to combat the increased spread of virus-infected emails that cripple a company’s
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bsa563 email at work paper - The article "E-Monitoring in...

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