HW 9 - David Lum SCM 406W Chapter 15 3 An agent is a person who represents the person or firm that they represent work for This means the supplier

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David Lum SCM 406W 3/31/08 Chapter 15 3. An agent is a person who represents the person or firm that they represent work for. This means the supplier working with the agent is dealing with the principal essentially. In purchasing the agent is the purchasing manger and the principal is the company who the purchasing manger is working for. Thus the agent must be sure to communicate with both parties to ensure everyone is coordinated with the plans. However if the agent begins to exceed what is expect of him and takes actions which they are not authorized to do. Then they may be held accountable for their actions on a personal level. Some of these actions may include deceiving for their own gain, breaking antitrust laws, and unauthorized transportation of hazardous items, violating lawful protections and misusing information. 6. Ethics are principles or values of moral behavior that determine people’s conducts. It is a basis of moral obligation and being fair with others. This is relevant to the purchasing profession
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