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HW 8 - David Lum SCM 406W Chapter 13 2 Resources necessary...

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David Lum SCM 406W 3/24/08 Chapter 13 2. Resources necessary to help in negotiation planning include being able to recognize the advantages and disadvantages. Also information must be gather in order to interpret what is has to be accomplished and view the environment. Then companies must be willing to negotiate with others and as well as compromising with them. Once a consensus is reached, strategies should be made and practice. For negotiation execution, being able to provide comment as to how well the execution went or whether something could be done for improvement and being able to work off of the success and criticisms. 3. One of the most important factors to be negotiated besides price would be quality of a product or service. This is valuable to the company since their name depends on it and how quality is an intangible that isn’t as easy to acquire. Being able to negotiate times of the when materials
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