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David Lum SCM 406W 2/27/08 Chapter 18 4. ERP has major benefits if a company decides to implement them into their system. Mainly, it helps incorporate the various functional groups into once, and thus each one knows what the other is doing. It helps consolidate all the data from each group so the entire company can view each other’s information and communicate. It helps with planning processes in manufacturing, buying and selling. It takes out delay of finding information, and thus paperwork. However, ERP systems require that the company be “build” for it since it’s a rigid. So companies must be prepared to plan ahead and shape themselves around ERPs. 5. Although ERP systems do cost a lot and take time to plan around, its overall benefits outweigh the negatives. For a company doing business, being fully integrated helps the company become more effective and efficient. Because this allows them to know what each branch is doing so there are no redundancies or tasks. Also being able to keep in touch with customers
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