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David Lum SCM 406W 1/20/08 Chapter 4 6. I agree since most people don’t understand what the entire situation is and have little experience working as leaders. Most people are not able to handle leadership positions well without prior training and experience, and not many individuals are born leaders. Given the intensity of the work, most employees would not what to be in such a situation. 7. A traditional model states there is little relationship between supplier and buyer. Instead it is hostile with no trust involved. The relationship for buyers toward their suppliers is bidding for
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Unformatted text preview: lowest price and short term contracts. The collaborative model is when both suppliers and buyers work together and trust one another with information. They have long term contracts and work toward price reduction on both sides. 12. Whether they have the parts for the new product in advance and if they should prepare for it for the future. If they are a major supplier for the products components and especially if they are also in a good relationship with the buyers, then they should be informed about the project....
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