Case 1 - 1.03*$0.002/lb= $0.00206/lb (total cost plus 3%...

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Cost/lb from Philippines to US 50 lbs./box 40 boxes/pallet 20 pallet/container Therefore, 50*40=2,000lbs./pallet*20 =40,000 lbs./container 50lbs./box*40 boxes/pallet= 2000 lbs./pallet 2. $2,500 per container/(40,000 lbs. per container)=$0.0625/lb. for freight cost Total cost from Philippines to US=$0.29/lbs+$0.0625/lb.=$0.3525 With US import duties=1.15*$0.3525 =$0.40/lb 3. $250/container/(40,000 lbs/container)= $0.00625/lb. for local storage cost $6.50/pallet/(2,000 lbs./pallet ) = $0.00325/lb for public warehouse $6.25/pallet/(2,000 lbs./pallet)= $0.003125/lb for in/out cost Total cost from port to warehouse=$0.00625+$0.00325+$0.003125 =$0.0126/lb Plus inventory carrying cost=1.24*$0.0126/lb= $0.0157/lb. 4. $175/container/(40,000 lbs./container)= $0.004375/lb. for moving from warehouse $4/pallet/(2000 lbs./pallet)= $0.002/lb for incoming receiving
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Unformatted text preview: 1.03*$0.002/lb= $0.00206/lb (total cost plus 3% loss) 1.17*$0.00206/lb= $0.00241/lb (Total cost plus overhead cost) 5. Total Cost for entire process=$0.40/lb+$$0.0157/lb+$0.00241/lb= $0.42/lb. Addition Cost: $25,000/incident for undetected spoilage 2% volume loss from production 6. In order to keep the entire process in a standard form and within budget. It keeps the cost at a certain level and can open the possibilities of reducing cost. 7. Alternatives would include using cheaper packaging, being able to detect spoilage before it happens. Also being able to move shipments from warehouse into production quickly to save money on inventory carrying cost and thereby reducing the in and out fee from the warehouse. Larger container should be purchased to reduce the number of trips across the ocean....
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Case 1 - 1.03*$0.002/lb= $0.00206/lb (total cost plus 3%...

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