Day Break - Sufia Azher Day Break/Dame Sobh Produced...

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Sufia Azher Day Break/Dame Sobh Produced, directed and written by Hamid Rahmanian, the 2005 independent film Dome Sobh (also known as Day Break in English) covered an issue which many Americans would deem a strange concept when pertaining to capital punishment. The idea of a victim’s family being able to decide whether to forgive or punish the prisoner is unthinkable in most other societies yet is the norm in terms of law in Iran. The film is set in a prison in Tehran where the main character, Mansour resides after having committed murder. After having been guilty of killing his boss out of anger for insulting him, he by law is to remain in prison until the boss’s family show up to either forgive him or sentence him to death by hanging. However, the problem arises when the victim’s family neglects to show up the previous two times he was to hear his sentencing. Interestingly, the film was based on a compilation of true stories. The idea of the movie comes from the time when Islamic law replaced the previous secular law, thus providing that the offender’s life be at the hands of the victim’s family. It is assumed that the man Mansour kills is his boss and it isn’t made too clear as to what drives him to do so in the first place. I thought this was a very important concept that wasn’t drawn out as it should have been for a better understanding for the viewer. The audience is to assume through much of the film for reasoning, it is not directly given to you, which I felt was one of the weak points in my opinion because it often caused confusion as to why certain things were going on to begin with. Mansour repeatedly gets sent back to the prison cell after his boss’s family fails to
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Day Break - Sufia Azher Day Break/Dame Sobh Produced...

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