Monday April 7 - Monday April 07 Monday, April 07, 2008...

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Monday April 07 Monday, April 07, 2008 -Couldn’t describe cloud formations, etc -Complexities in behavior came from complexities of model thinking?? -all had to do was ‘clean it up’ -Einstein came along and said that we have a whole world to discover 1900’s- physics got more and more isoteric by quantum theory etc -1960’s – quarks, shape of universe , etc…. cloud formation not on the radar -1970’s- years after ENIAC development, profs could all get time to use the computers to work out their problems (although time was precious ie 1am in the morning) but could use it for pretty much anything they felt was worth computing -result was something completely else… science had now become accustomed to ‘ignoring the noise’ ie no result is never exactly what it should be. .numbers are close enough to true. .close enough to what exactly will happen… if far off, it’s ‘experimental error’ -data they were entering could only be 16 bit etc, so cut off some of the decimals… so some of the value will be limited, even if to a lot of decimal places, and will propogate throughout the analysis. Chaos Theory Meteorology -governments, scientists were talking about weather control -would be able to choose certain points and do something to it that would change the result dramatically -eg marble teetering at top of the hill, etc eg) tornadoes, hurricanes or ‘it will only rain at night’ -I’m going to plug in info, put in certain values, and see what happens when comes out of the computer -months and months worth of data, etc. -one day he wanted to restart something, take the data from like, day 20, punch it in, and get the results from the computer, should come out with exactly the same results the second time -first few simulated days… the same. A few more days… slightly different. By
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Monday April 7 - Monday April 07 Monday, April 07, 2008...

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