CHE_LAB6(CChr) - Separation with Column Chromatography and...

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Separation with Column Chromatography and Selection of Suitable Recrystallization Solvent Experiment # 6
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Purpose Column Chromatography is a useful method used for the separation of compounds. The separation technique is a result of interactions between molecules. Depending on the polarity of the compound, the results yielded will differ enabling chemists to analyze and identify compounds. The following experiment will evaluate the success of the column chromatography for ferrocene and acetylferrocene as well as test solvents for suitability as a proper recrystallization solvent. Results and Discussion A sample of 1:1 mixture of acetylferrocene and ferrocene was placed into an apparatus to be separated by column chromatography. The mixture was eluted with hexanes. The first compound to be separated into the flask (1) was a yellowish compound. It was predicted the compound was ferrocene. Since ferrocene is a non-polar compound, it would not bind well to the silica gel stationary phase. Instead, it travel easily with the non-polar eluent of hexanes. Acetylferrocene possesses a greater polarity with the added acetyl (COCH 3 ) group. Since acetylferrocene traveled poorly with the non-polar eluent, a new eluent of 1:1 hexanes and ether was used. The ether added polarity to the eluent that will draw acetylferrocene out of the column. Acetylferrocene was drawn out as an orange solution to flask (2). The test the relative success of the chromatography, the compounds in flask 1 and 2 were tested with TLC using a 30:1 toluene and ethanol eluent. For a basis of comparison, the
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CHE_LAB6(CChr) - Separation with Column Chromatography and...

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