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Andrew Gutierez Professor D’ Arcus Maquilapolis Film February 6, 2008 Since the beginning of globalization, richer more powerful countries have taken advantage of weaker and poorer countries to make money. This process still occurs today. Huge corporations in rich countries like the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Great Britain use other countries with weak economies to make their products. A perfect example of this is Nike. Nike is based out of Oregon, but almost nothing that is Nike is actually made in the United States. All of the products are made by lower class people who will work for next to nothing in countries like Indonesia. The Maquilapolis film is another prime example of this. Maquilapolis is a movie about Sanyo televisions that are being made in Northern Mexico by women. They are being paid decent wages and work hard for Sanyo. They are living decent lives in Mexico and have respectable jobs. Their houses and neighborhood are slowly being destroyed by the companies waste which is causing their water to be
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Maquilas - Andrew Gutierez Professor D’ Arcus...

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