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Anatomy Exercise III LAB III SKELETAL SYSTEM: THE APPENDICULAR SKELETON Important note: Depending on what lab you are in, you may be doing Lab III before Lab II. This is because the department is just beginning to invest in new models and they are currently limited. To avoid spreading what we do have over two simultaneous labs (Wilson 111 and 212) some activities may be done out of the sequence in your lab manual so that all of our available models for a given exercise can be in one room. Those students in W111 will do Lab II followed by III, and those in W212 will do lab III then II. WARNING!!! It is imperative that you study this chapter before arriving in the lab. There is a large amount of information and you will best serve yourself and your lab partner by having
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Unformatted text preview: some clue about the information at hand. Anatomy Lab III objectives: 1. Identify the bones of the pelvic and pectoral girdles, and their attached limbs 2. Examine isolated bones, and name the important markings on each. 3. Differentiate between a male and female pelvis Instructions: I. Study all of the sections and complete all of the activities, except activities 6 & 7. II. You will be responsible for identifying all of the bold terms in the text of the chapter. In some cases the labeled illustrations may include additional terms, but you are not responsible for them. Also note, you do not have to memorize the muscles associated with the landmarks, but you will learn some of these in later labs. III. Complete and hand in the review sheets, pp.41-44...
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