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Anatomy Exercise I LAB I INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN ANATOMY: THE LANGUAGE OF ANATOMY Use of the lab manual: Each chapter of the lab manual for this course contains several options for the study of a particular topic. We will not use all of the exercises, and some in some instances, exercises may be added. Each week, a guide like this one, will be provided to direct you through the lab. Print them off and read them BEFORE coming to lab. Some exercises will require most of the available time in the lab, while others can be partially completed before arriving at the lab. Important note: Exams will ask you to identify a structure or explain its significance. You will be responsible for identifying any bold terms within the sections of the manual covered.
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Unformatted text preview: You will not be held responsible for sections in the manual not covered. Any exceptions to this will be made clear in the weekly lab guide. Anatomy Lab I objectives: 1. To describe the anatomical position verbally or by demonstration, and to explain its importance 2. To use proper anatomical terminology to describe body directions, planes, and surfaces 3. To name the body cavities and indicate the important organs in each Instructions: I. Study all of the sections: The Anatomical Position Surface Anatomy Body Planes and Sections II. Complete activities: 1, 3, 4, and 5, skipping activity 2. III. Complete the review sheet, pp.10-14, omiting #8 & 19. Turn in the sheets (or a copy of the answers) to your lab instructor....
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