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Unformatted text preview: Anatomy Exercise IV LAB IV MUSCULAR SYSTEM: HEAD, NECK, AND UPPER LIMB Important note: Those students in W111 will do Lab IV followed by V, and those in W212 will do Lab V then IV. Anatomy Lab IV objectives: 1. Name and locate the major muscles of the head and neck, and state their actions 3. Name and locate the major muscle of the upper limb, and state their actions + Know the proper terminology for various movements of the body as described by the terms on pp. 48-50 Instructions: I. Study sections 1 (head/neck) and 3 (upper limb). The trunk and lower limb comprise Lab V. II. Additional activity : Your instructor will lead the class in demonstration of the upper limb muscles. The origin and insertion should give you an idea of the function. Limb muscles always cross at least one joint. III. You will be responsible for identifying all of the muscles listed in the tables of this chapter. You will be expected to (1) identify muscles in either a diagram/photo or on a model, and (2) state the action of the muscle...
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