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ANS 42 TA: Shelley Parker Tuesday 12:10 – 1:00pm Ownership of Snakes The attraction of exotic animals is potentially dangerous for pet owners. Not only are most of these animals wild, but certain species may pose a serious threat to the general public. Snakes, in particular, are of the exotic reptile community and can bring serious hazards for pet- owners who choose to house snakes. The ownership of these kinds of pets not only holds a potential threat for the owner, but for the community as well. Snakes are extremely versatile reptiles and can easily escape the confines of an unsatisfactory environment. They also harvest a number of health hazards such as zoonotic diseases. I believe snakes should be banned from ownership due to health issues, management, and safety reasons. Snakes are a host to a number of zoonotic diseases. The most popular and well-known of these diseases is the salmonella infection. This is an infection in the lining of the small intestine and is frequently found in reptile feces. Researchers at the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology performed a test to determine approximately how often salmonella is found in snakes. Fresh stool samples were collected from two different types of snakes: ten rhinoceros- horned vipers and six eyelash vipers. These samples were immediately processed, grown on agar plates, and inspected for the presence of salmonella. The experiment resulted in the presence of
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ans42paper - 1 ANS 42 TA: Shelley Parker Tuesday 12:10...

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