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practice exam 1 - 1 a b c d e Which of the following is...

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1. Which of the following is most likely to be located at 30 o latitude? a. dry thorn forest b. desert c. tropical wet forest d. deciduous temperate forest e. savannah forest 2. In the carbon cycle, the atmosphere represents: a. an inaccessible pool to most bacteria. b. the sedimentary portion of the cycle. c. a direct source of carbon to animals. d. a pool of gaseous carbon generated directly by photosynthesis. e. a sink with a turnover time of 2 X 10 8 years. 3. It is possible to find the polar conditions at the equator because a. north-south circulation cells create zones of high air pressure and precipitation. b. air temperatures drop with increasing altitude. c. there are high mountains at the equator. d. both a and c. e. both b and c. 4. The greenhouse effect refers to a. the hot, dry conditions to the west of tropical mountains. b. the reflection of light in the green wavelengths of the visible light spectrum by vegetation. c. the warm summer temperatures in the middle of continents. d. trapping of long wavelength energy by water vapor and carbon dioxide. e. the storage of heat in large bodies of water. 5. Plants and bacteria that are able to fix energy primarily from sunlight are called: a. nitrifiers. b. heterotrophs. c. detritivores. d.
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practice exam 1 - 1 a b c d e Which of the following is...

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