Terms%20forMidterm1 - Variance 2 Terms for Midterm...

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Psychology 100A Statistics Marken, Fall 2007 Terms for Midterm 1 Statistic Variable Datum Data Population Sample Independent variable Dependent variable Hypotheses Parameter Experimentation Naturalistic observation Survey research Archival records research Interval scale Nominal scale Ordinal scale Ratio scale N P Q Simple frequency Cumulative frequency Relative frequency Percentile Percentile rank of a score Negatively skewed distribution (and happiness) Positively skewed distribution Bimodal distribution Unimodel distribution Rectangular distribution Symmetrical distribution Central tendency Variability Dispersion Mode Median Mean Bimodal Range Interquartile range Standard deviation, s
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Unformatted text preview: Variance 2 Terms for Midterm 1 (continued) Normal distribution z score (value of score in standard deviation units) z = (X – Xbar)/ s Percent (or proportion) of scores that fall within 1 & 2 s (z scores) of a normal distribution Standard normal distribution Standard normal deviate Interval estimator Point estimation Unbiased estimator Consistent estimator Simple random sampling Stratified random sampling Sample size Sampling distribution of the mean Central limit theorem Standard error of the mean Standard error of a proportion Sample size and standard error 95%, 99% confidence interval for the mean 95%, 99% confidence interval for a proportion...
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Terms%20forMidterm1 - Variance 2 Terms for Midterm...

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