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California State University, Fullerton History 110A Dr. Lisa Riggin-Walden Final Examination Study Guide You must bring a Scantron and a blue book You will choose two essays from the questions on the following list: 1) What role did the samurai play, both militarily and otherwise? Was it unique to Japan? If so, why? 2) What were the most significant causes and results of the Crusades? Consider religious, economic, and social factors in your analysis. Were the Crusades, on balance, a major mistake? Why or why not? 3) How would European life in the 14 th century have been different if the Black Plague had not come to Europe? Which individuals and groups might have been
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Unformatted text preview: better off if it hadnt occurred, and which groups might have been worse off? Why? 4) Discuss the European impact, positive and negative, on the native populations of Spanish America. 5) How were the sexual practices and mores different in Japan than the rest of Asia. Know the following terms: The Kaaba The Crusades Axum the Sahara Desert (geographically) The Kirghiz the tribute system Genghis Khan medieval Chinese life Filial piety Neo-Confucianism Japanese creation myth seventeen-article constitution Women (Japan) Vietnam (civil service exam) Henry II Medieval University Bartolomeu Dias Brazil exploration Encomienda system...
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