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-1The Stranger: The novel begins with Meursault finding out that his mother had died. He is very apathetic and asks his boss for two days off of work so he can attend the funeral. He is granted the time off and thus hops on a bus from Algiers to Marengo (the location of the nursing home where he put his mother) and sleeps most of the way. After the nursing home, Meursault heads to the mortuary. Here he chats with the undertaker all night, enjoying coffee, cigarettes, and the pleasant atmosphere. He sleeps for most of the night during the vigil. The next morning, Meursault wakes up in time for the funeral procession. Thomas Perez is the only resident of the nursing home that is allowed to attend because Maman and Perez were inseparable before she died. The funeral procession carries on slowly towards the village in the extreme heat and Meursault becomes excited at the thought of a good sleep. Meursault than goes swimming at a public beach where he runs into Marie Cardona, an old co-worker. She agrees to spend time with him, they go to a movie, and she spends the night (just a day after the funeral!) The next day, Meursault just lies in bed and watches people down below from his balcony. On Monday Meursault returns to work and has his usual lunch at Celeste’s. After work he runs into salamano on the steps. Salamano is Meursault’s neighbor who is
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The_Stranger.wps - The Stranger: The novel begins with...

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