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BUAD477 - Section 10 - Team Awesome Project - BUAD477 IT...

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BUAD477: IT Applications in Marketing Spring 2008 Tenmat Inc., USA Web Marketing Plan Team Awesome “By signing this cover page, I certify that all work contained herein has been completed solely by our team without help from, or consultation with, other students enrolled in the class. I also certify that only class notes, assigned readings, and/or other publicly available documentation were used in the preparation of this project deliverable, and that no other individuals were consulted in any capacity.” Chris Mitchell Katie Tammaro Matt Byer Dave Drogon
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Tenmat defines itself as a firm that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of fire protection products and solutions. They were founded about 100 years ago, and their U.S. distribution center was founded in 1990 to meet the growing demand for innovative solutions for the U.S. lighting and construction industries. Tenmat's main products are fire rated covers for lighting and speakers. These allow structures to keep their fire rating while still being able to install recessed lighting and speakers. They are certified to resist fire for one hour, an accepted standard within the industry. Tenmat produces all these products at its manufacturing plant in England and distributes them to the end user or intermediary through their in-house distribution center in the U.S. The market for fire rated coverings for recessed items in the wall and ceiling is very large in the U.S. There is a large demand for these types of fixtures from construction companies building new structures and also companies trying to keep their building up to fire code. Almost all of Tenmat's sales come from business to business transactions, so marketing to the end user of the product is somewhat pointless. Tenmat must focus on advertising to electrical contractors and wholesalers, architects, general contractors, engineers, building inspectors, and anyone else with input into how a structure is built. Most people who currently use tenmat's products do not even know that they are installed in their home/business; they only know that their structure is up to code. Although construction in the U.S. has been affected by a slowed economy in the last three years, tenmat has had a steady increase in its sales over this period, leading one to think that there were a lot of purchases by contractors that had to bring existing structures up to code. When the economy is booming and there is plenty of new construction, tenmat should see an even higher increase in sales. Tenmat competes is a very concentrated market, with the four firm concentration ratio being upwards of 85%. Due to the fact they are in an oligopoly, they can neither charge a monopoly price for their product, nor have to accept a price for their products that gives them zero economic profit. Tenmat's product is easily substitutable because Cubicles Plus and Progressive Lighting both offer ez-barrier as a sensible alternative. Outside the scope of their market, a not so substitutable alternative would be self-built
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BUAD477 - Section 10 - Team Awesome Project - BUAD477 IT...

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