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Music_15_Paper_1 - Can you discern any expressive purposes...

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Music 15 Winter 2008 Music 15: Paper I Due at the beginning of class, Thursday, January 17 Listen to the 4 CDs that came with your textbook and pick a piece that you find especially appealing. Once you have settled on a piece, listen to it casually, perhaps while folding your laundry, answering email, or doing some other unrelated task. Next, listen to the piece again (as many times as you like), paying close attention to the rhythmic, melodic, and textural characteristics of the music. Are there changes in these characteristics? If so, are some parameters altered and not others?
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Unformatted text preview: Can you discern any expressive purposes for the changes? In at least 2 pages (double-spaced) describe and evaluate your listening experience. Did the piece sound the same to you each time you listened? Why or why not? Did paying attention to the rhythmic, melodic, and textural characteristics allow you to hear the piece differently (be sure to describe the characteristics in detail)? Again, why or why not? Which listening mode (distracted or concentrated) did you find the most rewarding and why? Be sure to use the terminology weve developed in class....
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