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Alfred Mai History 80 04-22-08 Essay 1 Confucianism, Legalism and Daoism “The Emperor is here!” I hear the royal announcer proclaim. A second later, the doors swung open and I, the Great Emperor of Han, made my way into the large banquet hall. Already awaiting were the three most knowledgeable scholars of my empire: Xu Feng, a Confucian; Wang Jin, a Daoist; and Deng Jia, a Legalist. I summoned them here to assist me in reviving my empire. Throughout the boundaries of Han, droughts have caused massive famine and starvation among the people; bandits have arisen on all roads and are attacking the innocent; barbarians to the north have began raiding and destroying my villages and towns; unrest is beginning and I do not quite understand the reasons for all these calamities. As I sit on the throne, I sense their anxiety and fear, for only the one who convinces me the best shall be allowed to stay, whereas the other two would be banished to the farthest reaches of my empire. Xu Feng, the Confucian begins first. “Your majesty, your empire is evidently in a state of disorder and if you follow my advice, I am sure that it will recover. Let us, your majesty, take a look back into the past, at the fall of the kingdom of Qin. Why and how was such a powerful empire able to fall? The answer lies in simply their rule of law and insistence on "progression." You see, rule of law may seem to be a sensible way to rule over your subjects, but as shown in the past, it only leads to an eventual disaster. By ignoring virtues and morals, a kingdom ruled only by strict rules and policies of rewards and punishments will eventually lead people to become evasive and disloyal. They will figure out ways to evade your laws and in doing so will become even more corrupt. People are good by nature – a land without virtue and righteousness will cause people to act with disobedience and evilness. Law and punishment may suppress this,
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but the people will eventually find ways around it. Lawlessness, therefore, will become rampant and the people will have their morality further destroyed. If this does not change, I fear your great empire might end just like the Qin. We must learn from the past and tradition: the solutions I give you are proven to work by he ancients and are examples of their wisdom. The only way to bring your empire out of it's imminent peril is to go back to tradition. A rule led by virtue rather
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Essay1 - Alfred Mai-22-08 Essay 1 Confucianism Legalism and...

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