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Alfred Mai History 2C TA: M. Bowman April 22, 2008 Equiano Paper The slave trade was one of the largest human atrocities in history and it was not until hundreds of years after it began before it finally became abolished. The entire concept behind slavery and the process in which slaves were acquired, sent away from their homeland and treated under their masters are inhumane. During the eighteenth century, Olaudah Equiano, an ex-slave who became extremely educated, wrote about his past experiences in slavery to show people the horrors of slavery. Aside from the horrid stories of his past experience, he brings up many arguments for the abolition of slavery. He uses a wide array of arguments, ranging from one of a humanitarian perspective to a spiritual perspective and to even to an economic one. Some of his arguments are quite valid: his religious perspective on the hypocrisy of so-called devout Christians who have a hand in the slave trade when Christianity abhors the idea of slavery and the gruesome treatment of slaves, and his humanitarian argument in that all people are equal and thusly the inhumane treatment of slaves is inherently wrong. However, some of Equiano's other arguments and even sub-arguments are not as convincing. His economic argument is generally quite weak; he argues for industrializing the Africans and turning Africa into a gigantic market for European goods instead of enslaving them. Also, his spiritual sub-argument and theory that his people, the Igbo people, are actually Jewish and from a lost tribe of Israel is inconceivable. Although not all of Equiano's arguments are great in perspective, he makes plenty of valid reasons in which no participant in the slave-trade should of ignored. In an attempt to reach into the spiritual side of people, Equiano made arguments against
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Equiano_Essay - Alfred Mai History 2C TA: M. Bowman April...

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