seb323 week 10 - talk

seb323 week 10 - talk - The new paradigm of 'distributed...

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Lecture organised by the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology Engineers, Water and Social Responsibility Speaker : Professor Chris Ryan, University of Melbourne Where: Jim Potter Room, Old Physics Conference Centre Map Reference F15 University of Melbourne When: 6pm, Thursday 27 th September, 2007 Admission: Free of Charge ENGINEERS, WATER and SOCIAL RESPONSPIBILITY In responding to the current and future demands for water within a city such as Melbourne we are already witnessing a change of paradigm about the engineering of water systems. Strategies to reduce demand, by technology and behaviour change, are complemented by new approaches to supply. Within the 'old paradigm' expansion of supply is the only engineering solution. However this approach is challenged by the general trends of climate change, particularly reduction of rainfall. In this circumstance the only apparent solution is desalination. Climate change has other challenges as well. Firstly, any expansion of the water supply that adds significantly to CO2 production is becoming politically unacceptable. Secondly while global warming points to a rising average temperature, the 'average' change may prove less significant than the other feature of the models: rapid and unpredictable swings in climatic events. The pattern of the last decades - increasing water consumption and decreasing supply - and the
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seb323 week 10 - talk - The new paradigm of 'distributed...

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