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Psych 110b Essay Assignment #1 Can regularly spanking a child as a disciplinary measure cause he or she to become physically aggressive? To begin, we must first define a spank. For the purposes of this experiment, a spank is an open hand slap to one’s rear end. No objects, such as a belt or paddle, will be used to substitute the open hand, nor will the child’s rear end be exposed by removal of clothing to accompany the spanking. This between-groups experiment will last 6 months and serve as a study of American children, age 3. 1000 people will be chosen randomly by a computer database of all Americans with either a telephone number or address. If, during the selection process, there is overlap between members of the same family or if someone chosen does not have a child, they will be replaced by another randomly assigned person. A family, for the purposes of this experiment, is at least one parent figure and at least one child. Before being informed on the specifics of the study, the parent or parents of the child will fill out a comprehensive survey that asks parents questions regarding income level, ethnicity, relationship history, and current disciplinary styles. They will describe how they discipline their children and note any variations in disciplinary techniques between siblings as well as observed behavior differences, if applicable. They will be asked how they feel about corporal punishment in schools on a scale of one to ten, one being completely comfortable and ten being completely against the act. The questionnaire will have questions pertaining to the practice of spanking in the household. How does the act of spanking affect children mentally, physically socially? Do you spank your child? Were you spanked as a child? How would you say it has affected you? Are the children that your child spends the most time with spanked as a disciplinary measure? Upon completing the survey, the families in the study will be randomly assigned a task.
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SpankingEssay - Jharrett Carrillo Psych 110b Essay...

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