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10/02/2008 18:02:00 When the receptor for one color is active, it is trying to keep another color  inactive (inhibition). Cells interact by  exhausting green cells. Green goes away, and the red that were pushing down  the green, hence the after color effect.  SS vs SR Why does decaffeinated coffee make you tired? Certain responses are unconditioned (avoiding cliffs, automatically, avoid, etc.  caffeine makes you alert….your body starts to counteract effects of caffeine.  o you body is conditioned to the cues that mean caffeine. Smell and look  of the cup are conditioned stimuli for caffeine. 
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Unformatted text preview: ← ← names per se are not important. You would not need to know paradoxical conditioning • there will probably be a caffeine/drug overdose question ← ← Evolution has no foresight ← ← Chomsky says that the word stimulus is too diluted/broad •-We can explain verbal behavior in terms of operant conditioning • The concept of stimulus he is using is defined on the basis of whatever happens in that situation. • people can respond to things in ways that are totally different, etc. • 10/02/2008 18:02:00 ← 10/02/2008 18:02:00 ←...
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psychbackupnotes - ← ← names per se are not important...

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