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Jharrett Carrillo Psychology 110b Assignment #4 Of all of the adjectives I have been expected to exemplify by society, “gracious” would be one that has been particularly underemphasized. One who is gracious is not necessarily the ‘best,’ most ‘determined,’ or ‘successful.’ My life has subsequently been characterized by the pursuit to be more cutthroat, competitive, and unrelenting than the next—adjectives that are hardly conducive to graciousness. It seems as though my past attitudes and outlooks on life have promoted constant self- doubt and downright misery. I took the general happiness questionnaire and scored a respectable 3.50/7 .00, which is lower than the scores of roughly 75% of people in my age group, zip code, education level, etc. I was hardly surprised; I am often oblivious to all of the things that make my quality of life much higher relative to other individuals my age. For that reason alone, I enthusiastically began to write a gratitude journal so I could finally see a documented list of all of the things that make me thankful. For the first few minutes, I had absolutely nothing to write. I was focusing on the net- outcome of my day; I hadn’t studied as much as I had wanted for my midterm, I was tired, and I had problem sets to finish. What I had neglected to remember was that I had an enriching lunchtime conversation with my best friends about the Chinese economy and women’s rights. I had all but forgotten that the dining hall worker in the Yale School of Management knew my name and prepared my usual Boca burger before I had even ordered. I had even enjoyed my
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PsychAssignment4 - Jharrett Carrillo Psychology 110b...

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