10-30-05 Paper #3 Edition 2

10-30-05 Paper #3 Edition 2 - Isenberg 1 Russell Isenberg...

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Isenberg 1 Russell Isenberg Dr. Kowalski English 125 15 November 2005 The Drug Problem Today Every person encounters drugs in their lifetime, some at a young age, and some not until later in life. When I reached this point, I wondered if there was anything that could be done to stop or slow the use of drugs. This was an issue that my friends and I would talk about at school, debating whether or not drugs could be legalized. Although Gore Vidal suggests that drugs be legalized in his piece, Drugs , he does not show the negative consequences of legalizing drugs. The argument must be made that drugs should not be legalized due to their negative physiological, criminal, and economics effects. After looking back at what Vidal says, a conclusion is reached that the legalization of drugs is not a viable option. Vidal includes some negative consequences of legalizing drugs, but forgets countless others. For instance, he does not mention that the government is just dumping money into an operation that it can never win. He insists that the United States government will try to protect the rights of the American people, when in reality it is pumping money into a never-ending struggle against mere pawns in the drug smuggling scheme. Vidal only once mentions that “we shall end up a race of zombies” (385). Despite the satirical element in this statement, this could very well be the future in store for America; he does not go into any depth about this topic. He fails to
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Isenberg 2 mention that results from a survey taken in 2004 show that approximately 19.1 million people are current drug users, or almost 7.9% of the population (Results ). A slightly disturbing fact shows that 21.7% of the drug users were ages 18-20, meaning that approximately 4.14 million people ages 18-20 are current drug users (Results ). Given these statistics, drug use would only skyrocket when it was made legal. This is not the only effect on society. First, people could use drugs anywhere that they wanted to. Would you want to walk down the street and breathe in marijuana fumes? I know that this would not be a favorite activity of mine. The government would have to setup specific areas where people could use drugs, similar to the smoking section in restaurants. This would be an
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10-30-05 Paper #3 Edition 2 - Isenberg 1 Russell Isenberg...

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